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Creative Dialogues


The first episode of a series of conversations about human creativity and AI. In this episode, writer and Grammy nominated musician, Claire Evans sits down to talk with celebrated novelist, Stephen Marche. The two discuss everything from the advent of film to the indestructible nature of human creativity.


Directed by SixtyForty
Edited by Christophe Haubursin
Art Director & AI Operator: Áron Filkey

Diner Unit:

Produced by Balint Seres (BLKMNTN)
Director of Photography: Jeff Leeds Cohn
Camera operators: Kate Ruthenbeck Luke Rihl
Assistant Camera: AI Kojima
Production Design: Áron Filkey
Sound: Dan Kloch
Production Assistant: Leo Roberts
Extras: Joel Alpert, Kesha Holloway, Viktor Horvath

Funded by Runway Studios

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