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Telekom – Mobile Wallet


TVC for Telecom Hungary. This commercial shows the mobile wallet functions with related objects cut out of paper in a minimalistic style. All of the motions and props are analog and hand-made.


Directed by Viktor Horváth
D.O.P: Marcell Rév
Set designer: Áron Filkey
Client: Telekom Hungary
Agency: Isobar
Production Company: Focus Fox
Art director: Péter Babucs
Copywriter: Balázs Vizi
Agency producer: Éva Bayer-Baróti
Production manager: Csaba Vass, Judit Velinsky
Assistant set designer 1: Katalin Kovács
Assistant set designer 2: Richard Illés
1st AD: Zoltán Gyovai
Editor: Peter Farkas
Focus puller: Péter Böszörményi
Gaffer: Péter Pető
Music by Headshotboyz

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