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Production design I made for Teavana commercial. The brand shuttered its loose-leaf retail stores and looked to relaunch as a modern tea brand for a younger generation. To help smooth this transition, Swift was engaged to reenergize the brand visually and tonally across multiple channels and found the Kinopravda team to create the commercial for the new launch.


Directed by Kinopravda
D.O.P: Gabor Garai
Production: Kinomoto
Agency: Swift Portland
Client: Teavana US

Creative Director: Caroline Harris
Creative Producer: Bex Silver
Assistant Creative Director: Heather Apple
Art Director: Erin Stevens
Account Supervisor: Kate Malinoski

Service Producer: Anna Szijártó
Producer: Mikha Grumet
Production Manager: Fanni Verbovszki

Production Designer: Áron Filkey
1st AD: Zsolt Vereckei
2nd AD: Eszter Fancsikai
Art Director: Richárd Illés
Editor: Erik Barta
Stylist: Zsófi Ferencz
Stylist Assistant: Bettina Nem
Make-up Artist: Eszter Magyar
Hair Stylist: Klári Kovács
Producer’s Assistant: Dominika Tapajcikova
Assistant Production Manager: Zsófi Barna
Production Coordinator: Krisztina Tóth
Production Coordinator: Sára Herrer
Client/Agency Chaperone: Bori Tóth
PA: Zsolt Elekes
Casting Director: Gréti Fellner
1st AC: Ádám Kliegl
2nd AC: Martin Henzsel
Video Assist: Máté Oláh
Cable Guy: Márton Kiss
DIT: Róbert Gradvolt
Gaffer: Attila Billik
Best boy: Zsolt Farkas
Key Grip: Norbert Csontos
Best boy Grip: András Pozsár
Set dresser: Koppány Kovács
Set dresser: Dániel Gócsi
Set dresser: Ádám Soltész
Set dresser: Zoltán Must
Set dresser: Balázs Haraszti
Set dresser: Zsolt Janik
Set dresser: Gábor Seprűs
Stby Props: Sándor Fényi
Stby Construction: Zoltán Tandi
Stby SFX: Attila Benya
Stby SFX: Attila Mészáros
VFX Supervisor: Péter Závorszky
BTS Photographer: András Zombori
Unit: József Mach
Catering: Géza Jánossy
Transport: Zsolt Somogyi

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