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MTv Relaunch ’17


Commissioned production design work for the newly conceived eastern european Music Television channel. The visuals support the idea that it is unsafe to play music from your phone at a house party: one minute you’re jamming to your awesome playlist, the next minute your talking parrot is having a conversation with Siri. Skip the interruptions, play music from the classic music channel, MTV.


Directed by Viktor Horváth
D.O.P: Árpád Horváth
Production Designer: Áron Filkey
Set Dresser: Richárd Illés
Wardrobe Stylist: Katalin Kovács
Hair Stylist: Klára Kovács
Focus Puller: Attila Bíró
Gaffer: Tamás Lipich
Props: Made in Helsinki
Thanks: Zed Tóth (Blaudio), Hörcsög

Client: MTV Poland / Hungary
Agency: Young & Rubicam
Production: Apropos Film
Production Manager: Dávid Rubesch
Agency Producer: Péter László
Creative Director: László Falvay
Art Director: Hargi Csík
Copywriter: Zsófi Erdei
Account Manager: Zsófi Wagner
Account Assistant: Balázs Gatai
Production Coordinator: Jenoveva Petrovich

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