Look as if


Using vision in a conscious manner is essential to my practice. I’ve abandoned direct sensation. My eyes have been reduced to serve as a tool only. I only perceive reality indirectly. My organs of sensation have lost their original function. Reality’s digital reflection has altered my sensations.

My work is not a self serving undertaking nor is it a game. I have focused on the human being’s capacity to see and observe. My work is about mankind’s peccability and vulnerability and thus, about ourselves. It reflects my own point of view: Who am I? From what angle am I looking at the world? This is my direct connection to the work, whether carefully crafted(1) or spontaneously captured(2).

I aim to establish ways of effective communication, focusing on highly impactful visual experiences, both physical or emotional in nature. My work has no boundaries. Rather, it’s a process that stimulates the mind.