Frustration by Simón


My friend and collaborator Simón asked me to document a project about his frustrations in New York. His concept: “It was January, it was freezing and I was frustrated with my job prospects, so I started to compile negative phrases in my mind. I realized that I was being self-destructive and thus needed the opposite, which was to roll up my sleeves and take care of myself. So, I designed blankets for protection.”

Simon and I moved to NYC at the same time and experienced the same struggles with language, culture and professional prospects. I choose Coney Island to film, as it represents a stark NYC duality: the beach is famous a place for entertainment during the short summer months, and a desolate, abandoned venue for most of the year.

Blankets design by Simón Sepúlveda
Photos and videos by Áron Filkey

See his entire project here: NEW ONE IN NEW YORK